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What's New v20.1

     Message Central Overview (07:39)  Uploaded 01/16/15

     New Main Menu Overview (06:20)  Uploaded 01/09/15

     EPCS Setup Video Tutorials


What's New v20.0

     New Patient Chart Overview (12:25)  Uploaded 11/12/13

     Patient Information Screen Overview (10:37)  Uploaded 12/06/13

     Eye Scripts Overview (4:52)  Uploaded 08/27/13


Patient Portal

     Practice Side

     Patient Side

     Patient Tutorials


Direct Messaging

     Surescripts Network for Clinical Interoperability Overview (2:51)

     Direct Messaging Documentation Setup (7:05)  Uploaded 04/27/13

     Direct Messaging Setup and Document Coding (13:39)  Uploaded 06/15/13

     Direct Messaging Overview (13:51)  Uploaded 08/01/13

     Sending a Direct Message (04:13)  Uploaded 06/29/15

     Direct Referral Report (7:24)  Uploaded 07/10/14



     Getting Started with Dragon in MEDENT(6:46)

     What's New V19 Dragon (12:29)


General Information

     Growth Charts (2:18)  Uploaded 07/23/15

     How to use Chevrons in MEDENT (3:15)

     What's New In Chart Central (1:56)

     How to use Touch in MEDENT (6:52)

     Menu & Notifications (1:51)

     Colorblind Configuration (1:27)

     OCR Scanning Overview (7:30)   Uploaded 02/11/13

     Immunizations Series View Overview (7:43)   Uploaded 03/27/13

     Referrals (6:38)

     Document Tips (22:28)

     Care Plan Package(12:32)

     Completed Progress Note View (2:55) Uploaded 07/23/15

     Send (6:10)

     CCD Parsing (4:41)

     Text Annotation, Medication, and Lab Enhancements (4:32)

     Bread Crumbs (1:15)

     Webcams (0:50)

     Plan Per Assessment Enhancements (5:44)

MEDENT Training Tutorials

    Meaningful Use Tutorials

         MU Stage 1 Tutorials

         MU Stage 2 Tutorials


    PQRS and eRx Reporting

         Confirmation Screen Overview (3:40) Updated 04/08/15

         PQRS and eRx Confirmation Log Overview (4:00)

         PQRS Reporting Pop-up Overview (6:13) Updated 12/23/14


    ICD-10 Tutorials

         ICD-10 Overview (3:09) Updated 04/28/15

         ICD-10 Diagnosis Selection Screen (5:02) Uploaded 07/23/15



         Prescription Detail Screen Overview (13:36)   Uploaded 08/10/13

         Medication Selection Screen Overview (14:07)   Uploaded 09/05/13

         Prescription Summary Screen Overview (11:03)  Uploaded 10/08/13

         EPCS Setup Video Tutorials


    Autopost Training

         Autopost Menu Overview (5:21)

         Autopost Exception Report Overview (8:33)

         Autopost Exception Report with Adjusted Claims Part 1 (7:37)

         Autopost Exception Report with Adjusted Claims Part 2 (8:06)

         Autopost Exception Report with Adjusted Claims Part 3 (8:16)


    Billing and Balancing Tutorials

        Incident to Billing Overview (9:42)

        Daysheet Overview (10:12)


    Manual Posting Tutorials

         Manual Posting with Adjusted Claims (8:03)

         Manual Posting with Adjusted Claims Part 2 (11:47)


    Template Training Overview

         Medicare Wellness Template Overview  (08:36)   Uploaded 10/29/14

         Template Training Overview  (04:34)

         Progress Note Overview  (05:39)

         Bookmark Toolbar and Sidebar Overview  (05:27)

         Patient Chart Overview (07:07)


    Office Appointments Tutorials

         Office Appointments Training

         Office Appointments Maintenance


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