• MEDENT dramatically simplifies accounting and the day to day running of the practice. My department's over head has dropped from 8 percent of revenue to 4.1 percent.

    Debra Stevens, Office Manager

    Trumbull Mahoning Medical Group

Patient Ledger Card

Individual Patient Ledger Cards can be either displayed on the screen or printed out on paper, making instantly available the date last billed, the date last paid, and the amount last paid. In addition to giving the balance, the Ledger Card also ages their balance and breaks down, and ages the portion pending from insurance and the portion that is personal.

The screen also provides direct access to the accounting transactions such as Charges, Payments, Adjustments, and Reversals for the purpose of viewing, changing and updating as needed. Direct access to the "Posting" Screens (Post/Reverse Payments, Adjustments, Refunds, Returned Checks and Takebacks) is also provided for other changes if required.

All the service and billing information is presented on an easy to read display screen. The top portion of the screen links to the Patient's Information and Insurances. The bottom portion shows the charges/payments/adjustments. One area of the screen allows you to view all the information relevant to a given charge, a vast improvement over the clumsy old manual Ledger Card.



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  Ledger Card



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