• Recently, we directly interfaced our EKG equipment with our EHR. Now we can view the EKG before we see the patient, and with a click we can send a copy to the referring physician.

    Barry Lindenberg, M.D., Founding Member

    Cardiology Associates of Schenectady

  • MEDENT dramatically simplifies accounting and the day to day running of the practice. My department's over head has dropped from 8 percent of revenue to 4.1 percent.

    Debra Stevens, Office Manager

    Trumbull Mahoning Medical Group

  • With MEDENT, prenatal records are integrated with the rest of the system. Information needs to be input only once and is right at your fingertips.

    Coral Surgeon, M.D., physician and president

    Gynecology and Childbirth Assoc.

  • What impresses me most about Community Computer is their forward thinking. I don't have to worry about whether we'll be ready for new insurance rules and regulations.

    Kim Stevens, Office Manager

    Cortland Eye Center

  • We have about 100 Disease Management formulas that define our workflow which is focused on excellent evidence based care and continual quality improvement.

    Tiffany Elkins, MEDENT Application Specialist

    The Wright Center for Primary Care

  • EHR enables us to identify children who have missed immunizations, and we contact them to get them in. With paper charts, often we didn't realize an immunization had been missed

    David Sullo, M.D.

    Genesis Pediatrics

  • It's possible to delegate better. Staff can research more before physician decision-making is required. They don't have to spend time getting charts for me because the entire practice is accessible right from the workstation or laptop.

    Dr Bernard J. Bernacki DO, MPH

    Bernacki Family Practice

  • Submission of NYS Worker's Comp claims has been time-consuming, and payment is slow. Electronic submission through iHCFA is fast and easy, and our first claim was paid in three days.

    Diane Stenclik, Manager

    Mark J. Stenclik, M.D.

  • Meaningful Use was new for everybody. Being able to break down one quality measure at a time on the Dashboard really helped.

    Aaron Kepner, Practice Administrator

    Family Health Associates

  • The primary advantage of The Direct Project is that it is a step forward in efficiency both for physicians, staff and patients.

    Sean Boyle, M.D. Physician and Founder

    Trinity Family Medicine

  • Investing in Dragon Medical and our MEDENT EHR from the very beginning of our practice was a 'no brainer'. It's a huge selling point for practices because the combination of Dragon Medical and MEDENT EHR is all about reducing redundancy, eliminating lost paperwork, and avoiding the need to send faxes multiple times.

    Kurt Koczent, Chief Administrator Officer

    FLH Medical

  • I can accomplish things faster and more reliably. No charts are lost or data misplaced. Having information at your finger tips from anywhere improves patient care.

    Dr. Les Goldstein, M.D.

    Northeast Nephrology Associates

  • We use MEDENT's recall and tracking DM/HM capability to help ensure patients receive the tests and exams recommended for their age and condition.

    Gwen Pesci, Office Manager

    Family Healthcare Partners

  • One of the major reasons we chose MEDENT was its flexibility in note taking. It provided a number of ways to generate notes, which was not true of other systems.

    Dr. Bruce Hoffman

    The Arthritis Group

  • With MEDENT, documenting patient visits is much easier and we've been able to improve patient care. Because documenting is easier, the patient record is much more thorough and I'm reminded of things to address which I may have overlooked previously. I'm able to track patient information and see why I made various treatment decisions.

    Dr. Solomon Osei

    Osei-Kwakye Ob/Gyn

  • With DM formulas and reports, we can look at the metrics built into the EHR and see how well we're managing diseases such as diabetes and asthma.

    Raul Vazquez, M.D.

    Urban Family Practice

  • MEDENT EHR physician practices using Surescripts Basic Messaging and Communications will enhance care coordination within and across healthcare provider organizations by enabling instant, streamlined communication and secure messaging among care teams.


  • We've been able to grow with the company, from scheduling and billing to a full-blown EMR to the cutting-edge functionality needed for disease management and pay-for-performance.

    Dr. Steven DeMaiolo

    Prima Healthcare

  • We have a digital fundus camera and an OCT directly connected to MEDENT. We're able to show patients photos of their eyes. It gets them to participate more in their healthcare.

    Dr. Gregory Pinto, Ophthalmologist

    Paul, Pinto and Blackstone

  • In MEDENT, Meaningful Use tracks our progress and enables us to get reimbursement. We feel very confident with it moving forward.

    Celeste Buzzeo, R.N. and Practice Administrator

    Louis A. Buzzeo, M.D.

  • EMR has given us a head start in the medical field. It's easy to miss something with paper. With EMR, we have complete, accurate and legible records.

    John Sveen, M.D., Ophthalmologist

    CNY Eye Care

  • "The ease of finding and communicating information with MEDENT has had a positive impact on the quality of patient care.

    Robert DeColli, Internal Medicine Physician

    Marshall Rismiller and Associates

  • With paper charts, I saw about 20 patients a day. With EMR, I see 28 to 30. All information can be seen from a staff's workstation, and space for charts is not an issue.

    Anna M. Lamb, D.O., Physician and Founder

    Lamb Family Practice

  • The ACOG antepartum record is initiated at the first visit after pregnancy has been confirmed. If a PFSH document exists, MEDENT pulls it into the antepartum for updating.

    Louise West, Practice Administrator

    Myrtle Street Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Dragon speech recognition saves time, and we get our notes to referring physicians much quicker. The one-time charge for Dragon software is one quarter of our annual transcription cost.

    Andrew Green, M.D., Physician and Founder

    Green and Sloan

  • MEDENT helped create an interface so that results from our vitals machine, ECG and spirometry equipment go directly into the patient chart.

    Jean Padro, Practice Manager

    Union Internal Medicine

  • Since implementing EMR, we've become fully paperless. We're more efficient and productive and have decreased hard costs. Also, a value you won't find on a balance sheet is that with MEDENT from Community Computer you always deal with people you know you can trust.

    Ray Zincola, Administrator

    Omni Orthopaedics

  • With MEDENT, we've seen a dramatic increase in cash flow, and claims that previously took 10 to 14 days now take only three.

    Cindi Sadowski, Office Manager

    Stigliano Family Practice

  • The MEDENT Patient Portal has been well-received by patients of all ages and demographics, and it's incredible for the doctor.

    Tammy Cleary, Office Manager

    Lancaster Medical Group

  • Our ECG equipment is interfaced directly with MEDENT, making results instantly available to providers in the patient's chart.

    Kathy Heary, Health Information Manager/Privacy Officer

    Buffalo Heart Group

  • With the MEDENT Patient Portal, it's easier and less expensive to communicate with patients and remind them when they need chronic care or preventative care.

    Thomas Lyon, M.D., Physician and Co-founder

    Mt Airy Family Practice

  • As a small patient practice, we are still saving money with EMR. Reduced salary and benefit expenses alone will pay for the EMR in less than two years.

    Cindy Castellani, Office Manager and Nurse

    Daniel A. Castellani, M.D., P.C.

  • We have over 8,600 active Portal patients. We expect to cut our postage costs in half and have already seen a reduction in calls to the front desk.

    Pam Wilson, Director of Nursing

    CNY Family Care

  • I've found Meaningful Use pretty easy. We check the Dashboard, and the data required is captured as part of our ongoing use of MEDENT.

    Barbara Shanks, Office Manager

    Valley Diagnostic Medical Center

  • A recent Direct transaction enabled my patient to avoid an unnecessary stress test and visit to the emergency room, and his surgery was able to proceed as planned.

    David Page, M.D. Family Medicine Physician

    Family Care Medical Group

  • To go along with its customers' high satisfaction rates, MEDENT can point to some impressive documented results, including: decreased claim rejection rate, fewer days in A/R, more thorough and timely eligibility checks, and greater staff efficiency.


  • The Portal has made scheduling of appointments more efficient, and there has been a dramatic reduction in phone calls.

    Kelly Baker, MEDENT Specialist

    Amherst Medical Associates

  • With paper charts, we saw a patient every 20 minutes. With EMR, I'm able to see a patient and complete my progress note every 15 minutes.

    Jeffrey Chimahosky, D.O. and Founder

    Chimahosky Internal Medicine

  • We segment reports on our 1100 diabetics by risk. Because those with 1ACs above 10 have the most to gain by reducing sugars, we approach them with education, classes and nutrition information.

    Robert Nielsen, M.D., Founder

    Annville Family Medicine

  • Reimbursements from Meaningful Use will offset the cost of MEDENT, and payments for Medical Home will noticeably increase revenue for the practice.

    Stacy Ladd, Practice Administrator

    Middlebury Health Center

listen to what they're saying about MEDENT

Chart Central

Chart Central is your command and control, the cockpit, if you will. Access patients' charts with one click. Access all messages, documents, lab results, and other orders just as easily. Route each document received through Chart Central electronically, for easy review by the doctor. Control workflow in the office with a simple display of all patients' current status and arrival times. If your office still wants to use dictation, do it directly on the screen. The whole office staff can use Chart Central to easily review or update the patient's master information, enter charges, and schedule appointments. Streamline your office's patient work flow and add to your staff's efficiency with Chart Central, "The only place a doctor needs to go all day." This screen also includes the Bookmark Toolbar, which provides links directly to many areas of the system, as well as to Internet websites. This feature is customizable per user.


  (Click image to enlarge)
  Medent's dynamic chart design includes "Chart Central". This allows the whole office access to easily review and update patient's information, enter charges, and schedule appointments.



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